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Under Sink Chillers is a UK based specialist supplier of remote water chillers. We are part of a Drinking Waters – a group of companies established in 2003 that includes The Water Cooler Company and The Water Delivery Company.

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We established this niche website in response to the growing demand for under sink chillers in a wide range of work and recreational environments. Our objective is to provide customers with advice on suitable solutions and detailed information on the wide variety of under sink chillers available. For more information on our company and how we do business please view the detailed “About Us” section of our website.

We offer a wide range of under sink chillers for next day dispatch across the UK. We also offer installation services for customers across London who are looking to install drinking water filtration products in their home or office.

Under Sink Chillers is run by the Drinking Waters Group. The UK’s leading hydration specialists.

Oasis Undersink Chiller

Installing an under sink chiller system

When it comes to installing an under sink chiller system our engineers are second to none. Our range of under sink chillers offers an astonishing range of options.Whatever your space restrictions we can offer a suitable chiller to suit you needs. In addition to our remote water chiller range we also have over 100 tap models to […]

Special offer December 2012

For the duration of December 2012 www.undersinkchillers.com is offering the highly popular Crystal Mountain Iceberg under sink chiller complete with Tomlin-son Faucet , Filter and also plumbing kit. In short we are offering everything you need in order to enjoy chilled water in the home or office. This chiller offers 11 litres of chilled water per hour.For full details please click […]
under sink chiller faucet

No chiller complete without a faucet

Under sink chillers are a wonderfully useful and convenient addition to any kitchen space. However, no chiller is complete with a super-stylish faucet. The chiller itself is hidden away under your sink, but as the faucet is on display, it is important that it suits you and your tastes and compliments your sink unit. Luckily […]
Elkay under sink chiller

Elkay under sink chillers

Elkay water chillers are some of the best in the business and here at Under Sink Chillers, you can get your hands on one in no time! Elkay have chillers that are ideal for the home. Compact, efficient and easy to use, they slot nicely under a kitchen sink unit. This means that you can […]
under sink chiller water

Under sink chillers for any space

If you want to purchase a water dispensary unit, but aren’t able or just don’t want to have your unit on show, then an under sink chiller may be the ideal purchase for you. Delivering fresh, cold water in an instant, and under sink chiller does just what it says on the tin: hides away […]